In many places you will spot it; in many neighborhoods they are in plenty, probably they are an eye sore to you too. They are to me – an eyesore. This is about garbage. Where do you take yours? Do you throw your garbage anywhere?

In many places people throw away garbage without any consideration of the impact of dumping. This is why we live in dirty places especially where authorities do not take any steps to eradicate this habit. Whereas people would like to live in clean places, sometimes cleaning can be hard especially in ghettos and informal settlements where planning was not considered.

People in ghettos do not abide by the rules they operate in their own set rules “everyone for his own” this may mean that mind your own business. Ask someone not to dump everywhere and you are met with a rebuttal and a rude stare.

Youths can change a society I have seen youth organize garbage collection programs. This has helped a lot but much should still be done. By collaboration with the government and the society at large we can remove this eye sore.




The society today is full of people from diverse communities. This is most common in many African states especially in Kenya. Kenya has over forty two tribes. Whereas they seem to live in harmony, on scraping the surface off you will find a deeply divided nation.

For a country where majority live below the poverty line negative ethnicity is a recipe for disaster. The diversity in culture does not help matters at all. Culture is unique to different communities they should be proud of them but respect others too. Diversity should never be a reason to undermine anyone whether economically or financially.

 People should be accorded equal opportunity regardless of their ethnicity. What should really matter are their qualifications. We also have role to play, by treating and judging others around with respect and understanding. Do not judge a person by his ethnicity but judge them by the content of his/her character.

In Kenya today, people are still ethnic minded even after fifty years of independence. If you want to get the real picture of this go to social media like face book and twitter. They comment on everything according to their tribes, they attack each other instead of taking advantage of technology to spread cohesion.

 This erodes the spirit of cohesion and undermines their economic capabilities. It is time that we embraced each other in the spirit of brotherhood, this way cohesion will bear fruits.

Technology Effects

Gone are the days when children used to be viewed as having innocent minds plus thoughts and never knew anything to do with adult content.

Today’s children access content not meant for their consumption, which is not healthy for their minds and growth too. Their morality has been robbed off together with their innocence.

Both day and night, one can still access internet and television services, children tend to know operas and T.V stations to watch them from, more so, they tend to watch blue movies by accessing internet services, hence, corrupting their minds.

This has also been contributed by the life styles we are embracing in life, whereby, parents and children are living in a single room, children tend to borrow a lot from the parents and grow up thinking it is alright for them, hence, when they reach puberty, they start engaging themselves in sexual activities, resorting to school drop outs, early pregnancies and so on.

It is a high time parents take their responsibilities of being in charge of their children well being.



Is the law protecting its citizens?

One chilly Wednesday at around five o’clock in the morning, ayoung man called  Robert was alraedy at work anticipating a good tiring day.

Robert is famous for his delicious chapatis and mandazis, that no passerby can pass without acknowledging his presence, while he is going about his duties.

 He has employed three workers who help him around to make sure nothing goes wrong. The buyers like his food because all they have to do is, pay ten shillings then get served immediately.

As Robert was busy frying and selling, all over sudden, he noticed a group of people running towards the place his kiosk is located at, hardly had he asked what had happened, than he noticed City Council askaris comingy late, he could not have run away.

They handcuffed him together with his workers and driven off to City Council Town Hall where they were charged and released after each paying a fine of sh. 2,000.

 This was not only a big loss to the business alone, but it affected their finances too. Business all over sudden started experiencing losses ever now and then, this ended up affecting their financial  future plans.

Can the Govt. of Kenya come up with a solution when putting laws in place that benefit its citizens? since it has failed in creating jobs for majority of youths still languishing in poverty?


Who will protect us?

I am an entrepreneur who runs a hotel, my job consists of preparing meat and ugali, I cook fry and boil too, accoerding to customer’s taste.

I always make sure I’m pleasantly dressed, by putting on a clean overcoat while serving customers and also preparing food.

One night, as I was heading home from work, which was just a few metres from work place, I increased my walking pace as I was afraid of being mugged by thieves in the darkness, litle did I know of what lay ahead of me.

Hardly had I made several steps, than I noticed two uniformed policemen coming across, immediately they ordered me to stop, I did it with lots of confidence thinking they will protect me.

Immediately they moved closer, they started hurling insults at me, that I looked like a criminal, before even opening my mouth to defend myself, I was already handcuffed.

I joined them in their patrol, more innocent youths were arrested along the way, thereafter, we were taken to a secluded place that turned out to serve as a kangaroo court, with one of the officer’s serving as a judge. After that, each of us was fined in accordance with how much one had in pocket.

A turn of events changed all over sudden, those who were to offer us protection turned out to be thieves instead.


An Idle Mind is The Devil’s Workshop

One sunny morning, Jimmy left his wife and son and went for work. As usual, he would stay away from home the whole day till evening and would find his wife and son awake  waiting for the evening meal.

He would always leave behind his wife doing house chores. The wife never knew what type of  job his husband was doing. Jimmy had kept the wife in the dark for a long time.

However much Jimmy struggled to look for job so as to feed his family, he never got the luck. His mind would most of the time be busy, pondering the next move. It came a time when he said enough was enough, and together with his colleagues, they formed a gang group that would terrorise people.

Every now and then, they would snatch away hard earned money from the people using all means without bothering about the aftermath, all these happened as a result of lack of jobs.

If only the Govt. knew how many youths are suffering as a result of lack of jobs, yet they are continuing to employ the old guards by renewing their job contracts instead of putting the youths into consideration?

Such innocent youths like Jimmy would not have turned out to be a gangster.





My name is Moses Gicheha I was born in 1991 in Kijabe.  I’m the second born in a family of five. My father died in 2004 and my mother is a farmer. I attended Tom Mboya primary school and then sat for Kenya certificate of primary education (K.C.P.E) exams in 2006.

I then attended secondary school and I did my Kenya certificate of secondary education (K.C.S.E) in the year 2010. My hobbies are reading novels, listening to music and travelling. I am aspiring to be either an author or a journalist in future.

My role model is Professor Wole Soyinka. I like him because he is one of the best African writers I have come across.I’m a member of Amani Imitative Group.  It is located at Dandora phase three. At Amani, the group is focused on, peace and progress.

The members engage in activities like, football matches, drama and voluntary cleaning up garbage. During our meetings the members exchange ideas, experiences and suggestions on how to better our lives.